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Make sure every trach dependent child and
their family gets the care they need! 

Caring for a child is hard. Caring for a child with complex medical needs is all consuming.


Tracheostomy and ventilator dependent children need 24 hour care and supervision by a trained adult, most often a parent, to survive, let alone thrive. Their dedicated caregivers devote their whole day, night, and life to providing for the needs of their child, leaving little time for them to work outside the home or spend time doing things for themselves or their other children. This places families in a financially and emotionally vulnerable position. They not only have to provide for the needs of their family, but for the medical bills, out of pocket medical expenses, and unique needs of their child.


You can help! The gift of giving helps provide these caregivers with the support they need to provide for their families, care for their child, and flourish. Make sure finances are one less thing for these caregivers to care for. Give the gift of care today! For 2024, we are proud to begin offering caregiver grants!! You can choose to donate directly to our caregiver grants fund to ensure your donation goes directly to assisting those families with financial need. We aim to provide at least 10 $1,000 caregiver grants in 2024 to trach/vent dependent children in need. Whether these funds go to support out of pocket costs for supplies not covered by insurance, therapy co-pays, respite/sitter care, or household bills, every dollar counts and can have such a meaningful impact on a child’s life!!

" We are and will forever be grateful for everything you have done for us. We are so glad we are able to help other kiddos in need. We couldn’t have done it without the two of you!"

- Melissa Biddick, mom of Mason

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